Author Ro Wiley @2017 Leimert Park Village Book Fair

Author Ro Wiley talks about her book The V.I.P. Principles: 6 Steps to Bringing Your Business & Personal Life Full Circle . @2017 Leimert Park Village Book Fair. 8/19/17

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The V.I.P. Principles: 6 Steps to Bringing Your Business & Personal Life Full Circle

This is not your typical business book. It’s an all-in-one self improvement guide. Look, Are you keeping up with the changes that are are happening around you? Are you satisfied with where you are in your life personally and professionally. Well let me tell you this. It is time YOU start living your life according to, THE V.I.P. Principles. In this book, Ro Wiley tells you the “How To’s” on: 1. Prepare your mind, body and home for true success. 2. Take space from people that drain you so you can prosper. 3. Take her Q&A sessions in the workbook to rediscover you. 4. Learn how what you know can make you money. 5. How to obtain funding to help you become credit worthy (Business and Personal). 6. How to create a website and other things to brand your business (on the CHEAP) and more! Author, Ro Wiley, talks to you as if she is sitting right next to you in your living room, a restaurant or while you are at work. A fresh, vibrant approach with a real perspective that can not only motivate your personally, it will also take you to the next level financially. Insightful, Enlightening, Encouraging and very Entertaining, this book will have you laughing and dancing to a new beat. So get ready, get prepared to, “Bring Your Life Full Circle.” There is no other business/personal enrichment book out there like this. It will having you laughing and singing…. “From the Bedroom, To the Boardroom to The Bank.” …And that’s just the beginning!

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