Norma Bates @2017 Leimert Park Village Book Fair

Norma Bates talks about the California African American Genealogical Society (CAAGS). @2017 Leimert Park Village Book Fair. 8/19/17

  • Guest: Norma Bates – California African American Genealogical Society (CAAGS)
  • Interviewer: Kinte K. Fergerson
  • Camera man: John L. Dennis III Linkedin

CAAGS mission is to foster genealogical research and documentation through presentations at local, state and national conferences and seminars, offering of educational classes, and the publication of sound genealogical research.


  • To encourage and support the utilization of genealogy as a tool for Americans to become aware of their history, heritage and self worth.
  • To encourage the collection, preservation and maintenance of African American genealogical materials at various libraries, museums and other repositories as the Society deems appropriate.
  • To stimulate the membership and the general public to research, study, and record their family histories.
  • To promote and maintain ethical standards in genealogical research and publication.

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