Author Levester Williams @2017 Leimert Park Village Book Fair

Author Levester Williams talks about his children’s book series The Adventures of Crunchy and Munchy Squirrel. @2017 Leimert Park Village Book Fair. 8/19/17

Levester Williams

Author and Publisher, Levester Williams is a native of Inglewood, California. Winning first place in a grade school creative writing competition inspired him at an early age to write. One of his mother’s sayings when he was a child inspired him to start the series, The Adventures of Crunchy and Munchy Squirrel. She repeatedly told him, “When you don’t obey, bad things happen.” – A lesson you will find reflected in his first book, “Field Nuts”.

William’s goal is to help with character building in children and intends for his books to have a positive impact on parents and kids alike.

On a recent internet radio show called Mixed Matters, Levester spoke exclusively with host, Charles Chattmon about his first children’s book, “Field Nuts”. The author talked about his childhood, what influenced him to become an author and to use animals as the main characters of books for children. Turns out Levester majored in Animal Science while attending Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.


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