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Kinte is the creator of a website dedicated to independent content.  A division of Indyshowcase is which produces several Podcasts.  Indy Radio’s first program was Art Beat which Debuted on March 3, 2010. Shortly after that on April 15, 2010 The Spotlight debuted which is Indy Radio’s signature show.

Kinte has a passion for independent content creators as well as African American history and culture.  This drive is the reason for all of Indy showcase’s productions.  His interview style is like James Lipton and Tavis Smiley.  Currently, we’re working on multiple programs on Indyshowcase. Since the start of 2013 we have had well over 200,000 downloads and counting.  Indy Radio has programs that focus on AMC’s The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels plus Starz show Black Sails and has had guests from those programs as well.

Indy Radio Programs

  • Art Beat
  • Beyond the Note
  • Harry’s Code (A Dexter Podcast)
  • Men and Women Talk: The Mars/Venus Show
  • Movie time with Graycon Sonata
  • The Playlist
  • The Spotlight
  • The Spotlight: Hollywood Edition
  • The Spotlight: Authors Edition
  • The Spotlight: Sports Edition
  • The Spotlight: Music Edition
  • Talking: Black Sails
  • Talking: Cobalt (TWD Spin off)
  • Talking:  Hell on Wheels
  • Talking: Orphan Black
  • The Walking Dead Pre Show
  • Talking About Walkers: The Walking Dead Podcast

Guest Podcast Appearances




  1. 1/20/15 Ebony Empress “Terms and Conditions for dating and relationships? ” 


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