Spotlight Hollywood: Christopher Douglas Reed of Sons of Anarchy Episode 4

Episode 4: Synopsis: 
We talk to Sons of Anarchy actor Christopher Douglas Reed about his career and his time on the show. 11/16/13 Hosts: Kinte, Taraylyn Gravois & Meosha Bean

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Hosts: Kinte, Taraylyn Gravois & Meosha Bean
Guest: Christopher Douglas Reed (actor)
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We talk to Sons of Anarchy actor Christopher Douglas Reed about his career and his time on the show. 11/16/18


Since landing his first job in television in the 3rd Season of Sons of Anarchy in 2010, Christopher Douglas Reed has been as up and coming as a fat kid from the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego can up and come. He has had several notable and diverse roles on some of the best shows on the air. These include his geeky turn as World of Warcraft hacking genius Todd Zarnecki on the #1 rated sitcom The Big Bang Theory, a memorable appearance as Tony, the rehab roommate of Luke Wilson’s character Levi on HBO’s Enlightened, and more recently Daniel of the Hill People on FX’s award winning Justified. Chris has also Guest Starred on the Fox mainstay Bones and recurred on the Disney favorite Wizards of Waverly Place. He finished* his 3-Season run on Sons of Anarchy this October.

Chris began his training in high school, receiving scholarships to summer programs at the Tony Award winning Old Globe Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse. He then went on to complete two years of training at the Mesa College Theatre Company. In 2008 he was cast in his first professional show playing Lov Bensey in the La Jolla Playhouse’s revival of Tobacco Road, helmed by David Schweizer. The performance landed Chris an agent and the rest you already read about. He is profoundly grateful for those who have put their faith in him along the way.

Chris spends his most of his free time playing games of one sort or the other and enjoying the company of his wife, who is in Production Design and Art Direction. He has been known to fish, hunt, golf and watch football. He likes cooking, though you may have already guessed that. You can follow him on twitter @chrisreed619 or read the blog he never updates, Reedy to Rumble.

*finished: his character was shot in the face, chopped up and incinerated. Spinoff possibilities are limited.

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