Art Beat – Charles Dickson Episode 17

Artist/Sculptor Charles Dickson talks about his career.
#17 Charles Dickson (2×02) 7/20/11

Host Kinte
Guests: Charles Dickson
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Season 2 2011

Charles Dickson, Sculptor
Bio / Artist Statement

“I am consumed with how thing work in a mechanical, creative, spiritual and political contest. As a Sculpture that has embraced many mediums, I have explored the nature of the materials that I use in order to understand and challenge their properties in traditional and unique applications. At the core of this process, is a compelling inquiry of, how do I learn to speak through the materials. To discover the truth about the materials and express the beauty of my artistic version.”

Dickson’s obsession with finding the truth of a form has been documented in my 40 year homage to the African American Woman. Rather than work from an imagined form, he realized early in his career, that he had to undress it, to uncover the truth of its essence. “Dickson’s work with Black Nudes was also the precursor for a much larger artistic dialogue on the politics of beauty and how the consequences of slavery reverberated in contemporary society that has extended throughout his entire career.

“This dialogue propelled me to immerse myself into the artistic heritage of Africa, searching for the language, tools, and symbols, to recreate and recover the enormous spiritual influence and indigenous beauty this tradition has had on the world. It has also encouraged me to develop works reflecting the unique circumstances of the African American experience that traces back to its African origins.”

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