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Norma Mena

Mars/Venus Show episode Six “Sex”

Synopsis: On episode six the panel will be talking about “Sex”. In this episode we will talk about Sex this will be a attempt at a mature conversation about this topic. 3/10/14 Host: Kinte & Acu Panelists: Female Norma, Brandy Male Fin, Olaf, Yardley, Phil production info: Sex (1×06) #6 3/10/14

Mars/Venus episode Four “Cheating”

Synopsis: On episode four the panel will be talking about “Cheating”. Who cheats more men or women, how to deal with a cheater and more. 2/24/14 Host: Kinte & Acuminous Watanabe Panelists: Female Norma Mena  Brandy Maltas Male Fin Buenas Noches Yardley Hickey production info: Cheating (1×04) #4 2/24/14

Mars/Venus episode one “Relationships”

Synopsis: On our first episode the panel will be talking about “Relationships”. The goal of this episode is to get perspectives from both males and females about how to have a successful relationship and the pitfalls of bad ones. 2/3/14 Host: Kinte IndyShowcase Acuminous Watanabe Panelists: Female 3, Norma Mena Robin M La’a Male …